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Past 24 Hours ||Woot Woot|| [Jul. 15th, 2005|09:17 pm]
[How Am I Feeling |blankblank]
[Musique |Calm Before The Storm - Fall Out Boy]

I'm extremely proud of myself... lol.. I've past the 24 hour mark... I suppose I can make it another day? Hopefully... but it was the easiest 24 hours of any fast I've ever had... it's so weird... because I have so much control this time. I want to keep it up; I need to keep it up.

Only 3 hours until HP & The Half-Blood Prince is released... I really hope mines is delivered on time... I really really really don't want anything to go wrong with the order... I've waited too long for this for something to backfire.

Alrighty... much love!

Stay Strong||Think Thin